The Bugaloos

the Bugaloos
NBC - Premiered 9-12-70

The Bugaloos Man, what were Sid & Marty Krofft smoking in the early 70's?

Flying high on the success of H.R. Pufnstuf, the Kroffts in 1970 created The Bugaloos, about a group of teenaged bug/rock musicians who lived in a magical land and tried to live in peace without the interference of their enemies. The Bugaloos were:

I.Q. - the smart one - grasshopper - guitar;
Joy - the pretty female - butterfly - vocals & tamborine;
Courage - the brave one - ladybug - drums;
Harmony - the peacemaker - honeybee - keyboards.

The Bugaloos lived in a magical land called Tranquility Forest and hung out with their little friend, Sparky the Firefly. They were opposed by an old crone named Benita Bizarre, who coveted their musical talent (or beauty, or some damned thing); she was an untalented, failed rock-and-roller herself who was always trying to get her records played on KOOK Radio, to no avail. She commanded the help of henchmen Funky Rat, Woofer, and Tweeter.

The Bugaloos, between musical sets, learned the usual lessons about sharing, not littering or being afraid of the dark, etc. A Bugaloos music album was released. Martha Raye had just appeared in the Kroffts' film, Pufnstuf, and was tapped to play Benita Bizarre. Beloved little-person actor Billy Barty played Sparky; he had also been in the Pufnstuf film, and would appear in several other Krofft productions.

Benita Bizarre - Martha Raye
I.Q. - John McIndoe
Courage - John Philpott
Joy - Caroline Ellis
Harmony - Wayne Laryea
Sparky - Billy Barty
Funky Rat - Sharon Baird
Woofer - Joy Campbell
Tweeter - Van Snowden

Firefly, Light My Fire
The Great Voice Robbery
Our Home is Our Hassle
Courage Come Home
The Love Bugaloos
If I Had the Wings of a Bugaloo
Lady, You Don't Look Eighty
Benita the Beautiful
Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't
Help Wanted - Firefly
On A Clear Day
Today I'm A Firefly
The Bugaloos' Bugaboo
Benita's Double Trouble
Circus Time At Benita's
The Uptown 500
The Good Old Days