The Addams Family (cartoon)

Addams Family

NBC - Premiered 9-8-73

Addams Family cartoon The ghoulish Addams family began life as magazine illustrations created by Charles Addams. They are most widely remembered for the comedy TV show which ran between 1964 and 1966. In this cartoon series, the family (along with faithful butler Lurch) travel around the country in a haunted wagon, which builds a moat around itself wherever it stops. (Jackie Coogan as Fester and Ted Cassidy as Lurch reprise their roles from the TV show - though it's doubtful Cassidy had to memorize many lines.) Half-hour. Aired September 8, 1973 - August 30, 1975.

Voice talent:
Gomez Addams - Lennie Weinrib
Morticia Addams / Grandmama - Janet Waldo
Uncle Fester - Jackie Coogan
Lurch - Ted Cassidy
Wednesday Addams - Cindi Henderson
Pugsley Addams - Pat Harrington Jr
Additional voices: Bob Holt, John Stephenson, Don Messick, Herb Vigran, Howard Caine

Episodes: 1973-74

Addams Family in New York
Follow That Loaf of Bread
Left in the Lurch
Boola Boola
The Fastest Creepy Camper in the West
The Mardi Gras Story
Aloha Hoolamagoola
Trip to the Moon
The Great Balloon Race
The Circus Story
Ghost Town
The Addams Family At Sea

Episodes: 1974-75

The Voodoo Story
The Roller Derby Story
Addams Go West
The Addams Family at the Kentucky Derby